Some more work on Broadtail. This time, I added the ability to use it to download Apple WWDC videos.

The way it works is based on the existing RSS feed concept. In order to get the list of videos for a particular WWDC year, you “subscribe” to that by setting up a feed with the new “Apple Developer Videos” type. The external ID is taken from the URL slug of the web-site that Apple publishes the session videos. For example, for WWDC 2021, the external ID would be “wwdc2021”.

Downloading the videos is more or less the same.

There are a few differences between this feed type, and the YouTube RSS feed. For instance, it only makes use of what is available from the website, which means details like publishing date or duration are not really available. This is why the “Publishing” date is displayed as “unknown”. That’s also why the videos are arranged in alphabetical order and the feed itself is not automatically refreshed (although doing so manually by clicking “Refresh” within the feed page will work). These are actually properties that can now be applied to all feeds of one wishes, although the YouTube feeds are still arranged in reverse chronological order by default.

From a coding perspective, this involved a lot of refactoring. I was hoping to move to a more generic feed and video type, but this was the feature that eventually got me to do so. Thing is that if I wanted to add more feed and video types in the future, it should be easier to do so.