I am feeling some very minor after-effects from the booster I took yesterday (nothing serious, just the expected cold-like symptoms). I was curious as to whether it was anything like I experienced in January, when I got my last booster. I went to my journal to see what I wrote about it. Unfortunately for me, there was nothing there.

To be fair to my past self, there were some other events going on at the same time which I did write about. But I was left pondering this morning about why I didn’t write anything about how I was feeling back then. My guess is that I probably didn’t think it was worth writing about at the time. “Feeling a little off” was probably something that I thought was quite trivial, and wouldn’t be relevant later on.

I was wrong: it was relevant. Otherwise I wouldn’t be going back in time to find out.

I guess there’s a lesson there: write it down. Write everything down, even if you think it might not be relevant at the time. The simple fact is you don’t know. It may very well be relevant months or years from now. Better to written down too much than not have anything written at all.

Of course the trick is working out what “everything” consists of. If you’re writing down what constitutes your daily routine each day, I’d imagine you’ll be spending most of your time documenting the same thing over and over again. I guess a good decision process is if you’re unsure about particular thing, then it’s probably a good idea to just write it down anyway. You may think it’s unnecessary at the time, but again, you don’t really know.

I’ll try to get better at this myself. In fact, part of this post was taken from this morning’s journal entry, just below a description on how I was feeling today.