I’m in a bit of a exploratory phase at the moment. I’ve set aside Dynamo-Browse for now and looking to start something new. Usually I need to start two or three things before I find something that grabs me: it’s very rare that I find myself something to work on that’s exciting before I actually start working on it. And even if I start something, there’s a good chance that I won’t actually finish it.

So it might seem weird that I’d write about these explorations at all. Mainly I do it for prosperity reasons: just something to record so that when look back and think “what was that idea I had?”, I have something to reflect on.

With that out of the way, I do have a few ideas that are worth considering. Yesterday, I’ve started a new Flutter project in order to explore an idea for an app that’s been rattling around in my head for about a month or two.

Basically the idea is this: I keep a very simple check-in blog where I post check-ins for locations that seem useful to recall down the line. At the moment I post these check-ins manually, and usually a few hours after I leave in order to maintain some privacy of my movements. I’ve been entertaining the idea of an app that would do this: I can post a check-in when I arrive but it won’t be published several hours after I leave. The check-ins themselves follow a consistent format so the actual act of filling in the details can be handled by the app by presenting these properties like a regular form. At the same time, I wanted to try something with the Micropub format and possibly the IndieAuth protocol.

So I started playing around with a Flutter app that could do this. I got to the point where I can post new check-ins and they will show up in a test blog. Here are some screenshots:

The home screen
The home screen, which obviously needs a bit of work. Pressing the floating action button will create a new checkin.
Selecting the check-in type
Selecting the type of check-in.
Entering check-in properties
Each type will have different properties. After selecting the check-in type, they will be presented to you in a form.
How it looks on the blog
How it will ultimately look on the blog.

It’s still very early stages at this moment. For one thing, check-ins are published as soon as you press “Checkin”. Eventually they should be stored on the device and then published at a later time. The form for entering checkins should also be slightly different based on the checkin type. Restaurants and cafes should offer a field to enter a star rating, and airport checkins should provide a way to describe your route.

I’m not sure if I will pursue this any further. We’ll see how I feel. But it was good to get something up and running in a couple of hours.