If anyone else is weary about posting about what projects they’re working on, fearing that others would think they’re showing off or something, here’s two bits of evidence that I hope would allay these fears:

Exhibit 1: I’m a bit of a fan of the GMTK YouTube channel. Lots of good videos there about game development that, despite not being a game developer myself, I find facinating. But the playlist I enjoy the most is the one where Mark Brown, the series creator, actually goes through the process of building a game himself. Now, you’re not going to learn how to use Unity from that series (although he does have a video about that), but it’s fun seeing him making design decisions, showing off prototypes, overcoming challenges — both external and self imposed, and seeing it all come together. I’m aways excited when he drops one of these videos, and when I learnt today that he’s been posting dev logs on his Discord, so interested am I in this topic that I immediately signed up as a Patreon supporter.

Exhibit 2: I’ve been writing about my own projects on a new Scribbles blog. This was completely for myself, as a bit of an archive of previous work that would be difficult or impossible to revisit later. I had no expectations of anyone else finding these interesting. Yet, earlier this week, while at lunch, the conversation I was having with work colleagues turned to personal projects. He ask if I was working on anything, and when I told him about this blog, he expressed interest. I gave him the link and that afternoon I saw him taking a look (I not expecting him to be a regular visitor but the fact that he was interested at all was something).

It turns out that my colleague gets a kick out of seeing others do projects like this on the side. I guess, in retrospect, that this shouldn’t be a surprise to me, seeing that I get the same thrill. Heck, that’s why I’ve subscribed to the tech podcasts like Under the Radar: I haven’t written an iOS app in my life, yet it’s just fun listing to dev stories like this.

Yet, when it comes to something that I’m working on, for a long time I’ve always held back, thinking that talking about it is a form of showing off. I like to think I’m getting better here, but much like the Resistance, that feeling is still there. Wispering doubt in my ear. Asking who would be interested in these raw, unfinished, things that will never go beyond the four walls of the machine from whence then came? I don’t think that feeling will ever go away, but in case I loose my nerve again, I hope to return to the events of this week, just to remind myself that, yeah, people are interested in these stories. I can put money on that assurance. After all, I just did.

So don’t be afraid to publish those blog posts, podcasts, or videos on what you’re working on. I can’t wait to see them.

See also, this post by Aaron Francis that touches on the same topic (via The ReadME Project).