Hmm, this is a new one. Apparently Telstra is blocking the site to Whisky app for some reason. Going to the website gave me this:

Screenshot of a browser showing a certificate error for the site

Suspecting that the Whiskey devs just got their certificate missconfigured, I tried viewing the source using curl --insecure. Here’s what I found:

Screenshot of Terminal showing the output of curl insecure, which includes the quote below

We blocked this website because it may contain malicious content and could be harmful to your devices.
You haven’t done anything wrong. We automatically block potentially dangerous websites. We recommend you leave this website.
Copyright © 2023 Telstra

I’ve submitted a request to unblock it just now. I’m suspect this to just be a mistake but I am curious to know how it got blocked in the first place.

I did manage to get Whisky via a VPN.